Our Ethos

Our training ethos has as its heart to value and harness the high level of skill and experience of our attendees, whilst imparting our knowledge and skills in schema therapy in a collaborative, safe and rich learning environment.

The evidence base for schema therapy is ever increasing and excitingly it shows particular promise as a therapeutic approach for some of our most ‘hard to help’ clients.  The schema therapy model is a theoretically integrative model that utilises several core experiential and relational techniques to bring about clinical change.  The formulation stage is founded upon a core model of the psyche that is based on attachment theory and trauma psychology. The relationship between client and therapist is considered critical to clinical change.

Training in schema therapy at any level should feel challenging, exciting and genuinely invigorating. Here at Schema Therapy School (STS) we are passionate about providing high quality teaching, training and supervision in schema therapy and imparting our enthusiasm about this way of working into each one of our workshops.  During each training day, we aim to create a safe space for our attendees to feel able to contribute openly and freely.  We avoid taking any sort of ‘expert’ position remaining aware that everyone who attends will bring something valuable in regard to experience and knowledge.

We offer a balance of didactic learning, live demonstrations by our team and experiential exercises all to help you learn about schema therapy in a rich and optimal learning environment.  We aim to listen closely to the needs of each training cohort so that we can tailor things accordingly.  We strive for each member of the training group to get what they need from our training programme and workshops to foster a commitment to offering clients the best outcomes possible.


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